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Everyone has been asking about next years race. The Continental Classic will be back for 2024 and hopefully many years ahead.  Rules, perch/ entry will stay the same and so will the series. We will continue to have a 300 and 350 mile race and we promise to make it challenging.  


  • We are accepting birds from March 1st-June 1st. We will accept 800 birds. 9th and 10th flights will be pulled July 15th.

  • All birds will be vaccinated for PMV on arrival. It is suggested that you also vaccinate before sending.

  • Perch fee of $150 due with each bird. Send eight or more and perch fees are only $125 per pigeon.

  • Perch fees are non-refundable and MUST ACCOMPANY BIRDS WHEN SHIPPED!

  • Entry fee $250 per bird, due after the 100 mile activation toss. All remaining birds must be activated or owner will forfeit all rights to birds. Only due on birds going to 1st race of 150 miles. Birds will be trained out to 100 miles before any entry money is due. We will have good working races.

  • We will payout the final 2 races, as well as the top 10 average speed winners.

  • 300 mile race will pay trapping order. 350 mile race will split 1st drop equally.

  • Anyone winning $600 or more will be required to send a W-9 before the check will be issued.

  • Any birds not activated become the property of CBS. All other birds belong to owner with no buybacks or auctions.

  • All unforeseen circumstances will be resolved by Steve Mardis.


Race Dates (tentative based on weather):
150 Mile-October 7th
200 mile-October 14th
300 Mile-October 21st
350 Mile-November 2nd

Ship birds to:
14600 S. Indiana Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73170

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